Unlisted shares/Pre-IPO shares combo Offer

We have attractive Unlisted shares/ Pre-IPO shares combo offer where as an investor you get Unlisted shares of  8 companies which consist of companies in the business like Hotel, NBFC,  Infrastructure, IT and banks some of which are subsidiaries of HDFC Group, Hero group, Tata Group etc. for INR 1,36,900

Details of companies for which unlisted shares are offered and their financials are as under:

All PRE-IPO / Unlisted Shares

# Company Name Face Value Qty Rate Amount Website Company Info
1 Amol Dicalite Limited 10 100 Rs.575 Rs.57500 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
2 Aspire Home Finance Corporation Limited 1 2000 Rs.6.35 Rs.12700 Website ar-2017-18.pdf
3 Axles India Limited 10 100 Rs.178 Rs.17800 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
4 Bharat Hotels Limited 10 100 Rs.230 Rs.23000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
5 Bharat Nidhi Limited 10 10 Rs.12000 Rs.120000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
6 Catholic Syrian Bank Limited 10 100 Rs.166 Rs.16600 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
7 CARRIER AIRCONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION LTD 10 100 Rs.150 Rs.15000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
8 CHENNAI SUPER KINGS CRICKET LIMITED 1000 Rs.36 Rs.36000 Website financials_31_03_2018.pdf financials_31_03_2017.pdf
9 Essar Steel Limited 10 10000 Rs.2.4 Rs.24000 Website ar_16-17.pdf
10 Fino Paytech Limited 10 200 Rs.109 Rs.21800 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
11 HDB Financial Services Limited 10 100 Rs.1030 Rs.103000 Website ar_17-18-1.pdf ar_16-17-1.pdf
12 HDFC SECURITIES LIMITED 10 10 Rs.7600 Rs.76000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
13 Hero Fincorp Limited 10 100 Rs.950 Rs.95000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
14 Inkel Limited 10 1000 Rs.19 Rs.19000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
15 Kurlon Enterprises Limited 5 100 Rs.860 Rs.86000 Website ar_17-18-1.pdf ar_16-17-1.pdf
16 Kurlon Limited 10 100 Rs.350 Rs.35000 Website ar_17-18-1.pdf ar_16-17-1.pdf
17 Kusum Industrial Gases Limited 10 100 Rs.500 Rs.50000 ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf ar_15-16.pdf
18 Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited (MSEI) 1 25000 Rs.1.23 Rs.30750 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
19 NAZARA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED 4 100 Rs.670 Rs.67000 Website ar_17-18.pdf addn_data.pdf
20 NCL ALLTEK & SECCOLOR LIMITED 10 100 Rs.490 Rs.49000 Website ar_16-17.pdf
21 One 97communications (Paytm) 10 5 Rs.17600 Rs.88000 Website one97comm_-paytm-17-18.pdf
22 Tata Technologies Limited 10 20 Rs.1500 Rs.30000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
23 SMC Global Securities Limited 2 100 Rs.70 Rs.7000 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
24 Studds Accessories Limited 5 100 Rs.900 Rs.90000 Website ar_17-18-1.pdf drhp.pdf
25 Suryoday Small Finance Bank Limited 10 100 Rs.260 Rs.26000 Website ar_17-18-1.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
26 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank 10 100 Rs.395 Rs.39500 Website financials_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
27 Utkarsh Coreinvest Limited (Formerly Utkarsh Micro Finance Limited) 10 100 Rs.225 Rs.22500 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf
28 UTI AMC LIMITED 10 100 Rs.835 Rs.83500 Website ar_17-18.pdf ar_16-17.pdf

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