Kurlon Enterprises Limited

Kurlon Enterprises Limited


During 1965, KL introduced, for the first time in the country, the concept of rubberized coir mattress under its renowned brand name “Kurl-On” using the know- how from Austria KL is the innovator of coir mattresses in India and offers a wide range of comfort solutions for retail consumers and a wide range of institutional clients such as Hotels, Hospitals and Hostels who prefer high performance, high quality branded mattresses with flame retardant, anti-bacterial fabrics. The company is the sole manufacturer of hospital approved mattress. KL markets its products under the flagship brand “Kurl-On”, with approximately 35% of market share with a sales of over 1.2 Million mattress a year. Currently the company exports its products to various asian countries. For the past sixteen years the company has won the Coir Board of India’s awards for Outstanding Performance in Export of Rubberized Coir Products, the Development of the Domestic Market for Rubberized Coir and the award for being consistently the country’s largest manufacturer. KL is the holding company, which promoted a subsidiary company in the name and style of Kurlon Enterprise Ltd. (KEL) in the year 2011. Consequent upon the Business Transfer Agreement between KL and its subsidiary, the business of Rubberized Coir, Latex Foam, Polyurethane Foam, Pillows, Spring Mattresses, Furniture, Furnishing, sofa and entire home comforts and related products were transferred to the subsidiary company effective 1st April, 2014.


KEL markets its products under the flagship brand “Kurl-On” with Bounty, Luxurino, Angelica Box TOP, Klassic, Mermaid, Kurlo bond, Convenio, Ortho, Relish, SpineKare, etc. as sub brands.


Kurlon Enterprises Limited Unlisted shares/ PRE-IPO shares are available with us.

ISIN Number INE387W01025
Lot Size 100
Mode Demat
Face Value 5
Amount 86000
Quantity 100
Rate Per Share (Rs.) 860


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